Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is a liverwort?

  Liverworts and hornworts are also small, green plants grouped together with Mosses as part of the Bryophyte group due to their similar life cycles. Liverworts have two different growth forms: thallose, which is basically a flat plate of green tissue without any leaves, and leafy. Hornworts are similar to the thallose form of liverwort, but instead of the normal liverwort type of sporophyte, they have a hornlike structure.

A Hornwort - Notothylus orbicuarlis - growing on the bare soil in my flower garden

A simple thallose liverwort - Pallavicinia lyellii

A complex thallose liverwort - Conocephalum conicum
 The most abundant type of liverwort are the 'leafy' liverworts:

Bazzania trilobata

Nowellia curvifolia  - lover of rotten logs

Calypogeja muellariana


  1. I usually can tell when I'm looking at a leafy liverwort, but it's hard to describe how. How do you answer that question?

  2. The picture of Bazzania trilobata is from me, I made it 2003 in the Bretagne. Dear Sue, please give the authors name, if you take photographs from other people!